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Author, Edwin Dearborn

The Orange County Register featured Edwin Dearborn as a true “Marketing Expert”. Edwin has also been featured in Entrepreneur, CBS MoneyWatch, Social Media Today, and other national media outlets. Edwin has appeared as a keynote speaker for Sony and the American Marketing Association. Edwin was formally educated in marketing and public relations in Hollywood, CA in the early 1990’s.

His new book, Power Branding Secrets reveals how any entrepreneur, startup or existing small business can catapult their brand’s awareness, thus generating more publicity, inbound leads and higher sales.

Edwin is a veteran C-level executive, having been a CEO of a large non-profit organization in Orange County, CA for over 18 years. As a CEO, he was personally responsible for overseeing the planning and management of his 100 person staff.

Having delivered hundreds of workshops and presentations to thousands of business professionals on branding, marketing, social media and small business, Edwin still travels around the U.S. as a keynote speaker for consulting groups, sharing his unique insight on a myriad of topics. Edwin welcomes all requests to speak for businesses and non-profits around the globe.

Edwin is a cousin of famed western author Louis L ‘Amour, whose middle name was Dearborn. Additionally, famed author and anti-slave activist, Harriet Beecher Stowe, is also in Edwin’s family tree. His grandmother (on his father’s side) was a Stowe.

Born in Inglewood, CA, Edwin now resides in Orange County, CA. He is an avid motorcycle enthusiast, an American History buff, a connoisseur of fine coffee and a vocal Libertarian.

Here is Edwin Dearborn’s Google+ Page.

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