Branding Services

Premier Expert

Do you lack the time to consistently create high-quality content? Your content problem is now solved with my Premier Expert “Done-for-You” marketing program. By producing and distributing the perfect amount of quality content (videos, blogs and podcasts) over time, you will become recognized as a Premier Expert and authority within your field.

Imagine if in one day if we could create six months to a year’s worth of content. How?

By staging a full-day event, I will have my professional video team capture your entire event and then carefully repackage the entire event into dozens of videos, written blog posts and podcasts. This content would then be “dip fed” through your email and social channels channels to your target audiences over the coming months or even up to a year.

Example: An 6-hour event that is videoed can be split up into 40-50 smaller videos, blog posts and podcasts – all optimized around keywords and topics of interest. Full production of the event, as well as the creation of the videos, written blog posts and podcasts, and their placement on the correct platforms, represents a complete “Done for You” branding and marketing package.

Cost: $14,800.00

Premier Author

Taking the entire body of content from our Premier Expert program, Premier Author now repackages the entire content into your “authored” book, providing for you a “Done-for-You” authorship program. The package includes:

  • Development of the full outline program that would result in a ghostwritten book in your name. This program would align all event transcripts from the Premier Expert program and additional relevant data into beginning, middle and end sections of the book’s outline.
  • Research independently, as needed, for more data aligned to the writing of the book.
  • Target for a 35-45,000-word book written over a 3-4 month time frame.
  • Fully write a professional and publishable book.
  • Edit the book to a completed, client-approved, formatted manuscript ready for publication as both softcover and eBook editions.
  • Establish the ISBN and other related requirements for the book’s marketing identity.
  • Liaise with cover designers for development and construction of a customized, professionally designed book cover for both printed edition and the Kindle edition.
  • Liaise with CreateSpace and Amazon for the set ups for softcover and the Kindle eBook edition until the book is completed, set up for print and published online.
  • A mobile-responsive website dedicated to your book, and featuring an “About the Author” page with bio, fully optimized for keyword search. Your readers will be able to purchase your book right from your personalized, dedicated website with direct links to your Amazon book and Kindle editions.

Cost: $16,500.00

Power Local

Local SEO is still vital for brick and mortar practices, restaurants and small businesses. Mobile friendly SEO is what our “Power Local” SEO program is all about. Contact me for the full description of my SEO services. As you will discover, a robust SEO program will increase your brand’s presence online and thus having new customers walking through your doors.

Costs: One time set up fee of $499.00. $1,295 to $2,495 per month (based on level of content created and services rendered).

Power Reviews

I can help you engineer and implement an online review marketing strategy that will propel your brand and business to the top of Yelp and Google My Business. Result: Your phone ringing like never before and more and more people walking in as new customers.

Costs: One-time set up fees range from $997.00 to $2,497. Monthly service fees range from $297 to $597.

Power Coaching

Personalized executive & business coaching has been a service that I have provided to hundreds of professionals for over 25 years. Let me bring my enthusiasm, C-level experience and intense work ethic to help you develop a winning strategy for your A-game.

Cost: 10 hours: $1,950; 25 hours: $3,500.

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