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Chapter List

Preface: How Does One Create & Mold a Powerful Brand?

Chapter One: America the Brand: How to Revive Her

Chapter Two: The Current State of Small Business in America

Chapter Three: My Personal Pursuit of the American Dream

Chapter Four: W.W.W. – (The) World Wants Wisdom

Chapter Five: What is Branding?

Chapter Six: More on Value

Chapter Seven: The Branding Triangle

Chapter Eight: Trust

Chapter Nine: What Is Branded Content?

Chapter Ten: Blogging as Branded Content

Chapter Eleven: Making Content Work for the Sales Team

Chapter Twelve: What Is Content Marketing?

Chapter Thirteen: Crowdsourcing Your Branded Content

Chapter Fourteen: Supporting Your Branding with Infrastructure

Chapter Fifteen: Why Strategy is So Important

Chapter Sixteen: When Branding, Marketing and Sales Come Together

Chapter Seventeen: Audio-Visual Branded Content

Chapter Eighteen: Mobile Marketing and Your Power Brand

Chapter Nineteen: How to Properly Repurpose and Curate Your Content

Chapter Twenty: It’s All About Audience

Chapter Twenty-One: Amplifying Your Power Brand with Power Influencers

Chapter Twenty-Two: Social Media and Branded Content

Chapter Twenty-Three: Native Advertising

Chapter Twenty-Four: Marketing Automation

Chapter Twenty-Five: Power Branding and Public Relations

Chapter Twenty-Six: Distribution is Half the Work

Chapter Twenty-Seven: Branding & Our Real-time World

Chapter Twenty-Eight: The Rousing Side of Power Branding

Chapter Twenty-Nine: Branding Yourself as an Author

Chapter Thirty: The Top Branding and Marketing Experts to Follow

Chapter Thirty-One: An Action Plan You Need to Implement

Chapter Thirty-Two: Where to Begin

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